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Student Government Association


SGA Standing Committees

The Student Government Association is composed of three standing committees with at least three senators on each committee. Any student may join one or more of the standing committees by speaking to the chair of that committee. The SGA standing committees are:

The Student Life Committee:

This committee is responsible for coordinating all SGA activities and events. The vice president of the SGA chairs this committee.

Chair: Ryann Warner

Meeting Time: Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

The Communications Committee:

This committee is responsible for all communications between the SGA and the student body. It also serves as the means of communication between the SGA and members of the faculty, staff and campus media. It will maintain and update the SGA website, maintain pictures of all SGA events, and design and post flyers that advertise SGA events. The secretary of the SGA chairs this committee.

Chair: Rebecca Hansen

Meeting Time: Mondays at 5:30 p.m.

The Rules Committee:

This committee establishes election procedures and administers the elections under the SGA Constitution and Bylaws. This committee also reviews and revises the SGA Constitution and Bylaws. The parliamentarian of the SGA chairs this committee.

Chair: Clara Goebel

Meeting Time: Wednesdays immediately following general assembly meetings

The Student Government Appropriations Committee:

This committee is responsible for making recommendations concerning the preparation of the SGA budget and the allocation of SGA funds according to the SGAC Guidelines. The treasurer of the SGA chairs this committee. 

Chair: Lily Dorsey

      Meeting Time: Mondays at noon. 

University Committees

The SGA also maintains student seats on the following university committees.  To serve on one of these committees please contact President Michael Suarez, who will verify committee openings:

Academic Affairs Committee

Arts and Performance Complex Advisory Committee

Environmental Safety Committee

Information Technology Committee

International Studies and Intercultural Affairs Committee

Medical Services Fee Committee

Student Affairs Advisory Committee

Student Appeals Committee

Student Fee Advisory Committee

* denotes committee openings