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Military and Veterans Success Center

Veteran Education Benefits

You may submit applications for:

  • Fall after June 1st
  • Spring after November 1st
  • Summer after April 1st

See the appropiate Section and page for specific application requirements.

There are specific webpages for each type of student with each type benefit type listing the specific required documents for the application.

  • Please note for applications to be accepted and to be compliant with both the FERPA law and UT Tyler Email Policy All email and applications must be
    • Sent to  only the Student via their UT Tyler Student Email
      • ie their @patriots.uttyler.edu email
    • Received only from the Student via their UT Tyler Student Email 
    • Applications must be complete
      • ie-all required documents in one email. 
    • Applications must be sent as PDF attachments
      • Required to be opened, reviewed, accepted, and printed so they can be placed in your file.
    • This will
      • Give you a complete electronic copy and a time and date stamped receipt of exactly when you sent it in your sent email
      • Give the MVSC a complete electronic backup copy with a time and date of exactly when you sent it
      • Give the MVSC a quick searchable application based on your name/email


  • We do not accept or keep
    • Partial or incomplete applications
    • Applications that are not sent from your student email
      • Will not be reviewed
    • Applications sent with documents that are not PDF
      • Will not be reviewed documents will not be opened
    • Applications that are sent with Cloud Attachments
      • We will not log in to any website or account nor create any account to open any documents even if those documents are PDF
    • You will have to resubmit a complete application as PDF documents in one email for your application to be accepted.

Upon receipt of your application we will review it within 3-5 work days and email you back that all of the required documentation we will email you that the application is: (Please completely read all emails we send you and follow all instruction included)

  • Complete Application-Received and Accepted
    • Follow the instructions and go to the Link in the email and submit your classes
  • Late Complete Application-Received and Accepted
    • Follow the instructions and go to the Link in the email and submit your classes
    • Be prepared to Pay your bill or make payment arrangements if eligible on the Bill Due Date if there is still a bill due
  • Incomplete Application
    • Go to the appropriate webpage link in the email and read the page completely
    • Follow any instructions in the email
    • Resubmit with all the required documents in one email
  • Non Student Email
    • Resubmit the complete application from your UT Tyler Student email per Per UT Tyler Email Policy
    • Applications not sent from your Student Email will not be reviewed
  • Pictures will not Print
    • Resubmit with all attachments as PDF (no cloud files)
      • Non-PDF Files may or may not open and do not print correctly
      • Non-PDF Files will not be opened

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