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UT Tyler Writing Center

Tutoring Staff

We are staffed by a highly trained group of students, most of whom are Graduate students in the Department of Literature and Languages. All tutors are carefully screened and trained to work on all kinds of writing projects. Each tutor has his or her own specialty or favorite kind of writing project, which may help you in selecting a tutor.


Abbey enjoys working with people through the entire writing process. She struggles with putting those first thoughts onto paper, so she understands how those first steps in writing are the hardest and the most important. She enjoys learning new things in the papers that come in, but her favorite papers to work with are literary analysis and history papers. Abbey likes to read, particularly science fiction and young adult novels; she also likes to watch crime shows and to take long walks in the country.


Alex has a background in Literary Criticism and Political analysis. He believes that well-formulated ideas conveyed well can change the world. He likes to work with students as they develop the raw ideas behind the words of a written assignment. With well-developed ideas, he believes well-written arguments will follow. Alex likes to meet new people and to indulge in a "Hip-Hop addiction" by listening to his favorite artist Tupac Shakur.


Allison believes that writing is a form of communication that deserves the utmost respect, and she treats any piece of writing that comes in as such. She is willing to help with any part of the writing process, but she is particularly good at brainstorming and discussing ideas. Her favorite topics to work with about are in the Social Sciences (Political Science or Sociology, for example), History, and English. She also loves analysis papers. Her hobbies include cooking-specifically baking- and watching movies in nearly every genre.


April enjoys literary analysis essays as well as papers ranging from Criminal Justice to Psychology. She also likes working with Biology and Chemistry assignments, like research essays and lab reports. April works best when there is a draft to work with and she can give input on such areas as structure, organization, themes, and grammar.


Josh has always been drawn to the arts, so he likes to read, write and draw. In his spare time he hangs out with friends and plays video games. He enjoys going to see good movies and trying to figure out what makes them good, as well as reading science fiction or fantasy novels. He works well helping students decide how to approach a new writing topic, and he likes helping students decide what they like or do not like about their writing.


As a writer, Kelsi is most experienced working with English literature papers and writing assignments for business classes. Outside of school Kelsi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, including her two dos. She is a huge Dallas Mavericks fan who also loves reading and going to concerts.


Michal hopes to put any students working with him at ease so that they can show their potential as writers and learners. He enjoys watching as writers' skills and abilities are improved when learning in a one-on-one space. He enjoys "geeky" activities like reading comics and graphic novels, reading and writing screenplays, and watching samurai films.