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OU Campus Training and Standards


  • Dashboard
    Workfow:  Email client to discuss projects/workfow within OU Campus (Inbox, Outbox, Compose)
  • Current Projects: creates a list of pages that are currently checked out to the user

  • Content
    Pages: a list of OU Campus files and directories
    Recent Saves: recently saved pages within OU Campus (all users)
    Recent Publishes: recently published pages within OU Campus (all users)

  • Logout
    Log out of OU Campus

  • Location: top / departments/”
    Location of files and folders listed under “name”

  • Staging
    List of editable OU Campus pages and folders on the staging server

  • Production
    List of .pcf pages (published .php files), folders and binary files (jpg, png, gif, swf, pdf, doc, etc)

  • new
    Used to create new pages and folders

  • upload
    Used to upload your own binary files

  • move
    When specific or all pages are checked, you can use the move option to relocate pages to another directory (depending on user permission)

  • delete
    When specific or all pages are checked, you can use the delete option to delete pages (depending on user permission)

  • light bulb icon
    Used to check in and out pages. Once a page is checked out, OU Campus will give you more options for that page
  • publish icon
    Used to publish pages to the production server. Published pages are live to the internet.
  • revert icon
    Used to revert a page to a previously saved version of that page.

Editing Pages:

You can edit a page by clicking on the name of the page you wish to edit (index.pcf). Clicking the edit button will allow you to edit that region. Users are only authorized to edit the main content well of the webpage. Navigation sections have restricted access. Once you click on the edit button (green edit box), OU Campus will bring up the Editor.

  • save icon
    Used to save changes you have made to this region

  • unordered list icon
    used to create a bulleted list

  • ordered list icon
     used to create a numbered list

  • link icon
    creates a link to the hightlighted text

  • email link
    creates an email link to the hightlighted text

  • break a link icon
     removes a link from the highlighted text

  • anchor icon
      creates a link within a page (ie: back to top)
    an anchor is created, then linked to using the link tool