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Office of the Registrar

Name Change

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for maintaining a student's official legal name for The University of Texas at Tyler. Please read the following guidelines carefully before requesting a change of name. These guidelines will assist you in changing your legal name with UT Tyler. Legal documentation must be presented with the completed Request to Change Student Record Information form in order to alter your name as it appears in the myUTTyler system. You must present the original legal document, or a certified copy, to the Enrollment Services Center (ADM 230). Copies of all documents will be made and scanned to your file; your original/certified copies will be returned to you. If you are requesting a name change via mail, you must submit a certified copy of the legal document that bears an original county certification stamp (if you wish it to be returned to you please include a self-addressed stamped envelope). Acceptable legal documents for name changes are determined by the reason for the change as shown below. A driver's license, social security card, or marriage certificate not issued by the state, are not acceptable as legal documentation for a change of name by UT Tyler.

1.    Typical name change reasons, and the acceptable documentation are as follows:

  • MARRIAGE: Original marriage license bearing the filing stamp from the county or parish in which the license was issued. Any marriage license that does not specifically state the name after marriage may not be used to request a combined or hyphenated last name.
  • DIVORCE: Original divorce decree that includes a specific decree granting restoration of the maiden name. The decree must be signed by the presiding judge and bear the county filing stamp. (If submitting a copy, you need only include the first page of the decree, the page containing the name restoration order, and the page bearing the judge's signature.)
  • COURT ORDER: Original court order signed by the presiding judge and bearing the county filing stamp.
  • CITIZENSHIP BY NATURALIZATION: Original Certificate of Naturalization.
  • CORRECT AN ERROR ON THE ADMISSION APPLICATION: Birth certificate or current, valid U.S. passport.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: International students' names must appear on your University records exactly as they appear on the passport issued by your home country. The U.S. entry visa may not be used as documentation for a name change.  International students may not alter any portion of their name from the way it appears on their passport.

2.    The legal name as maintained in the myUTTyler system will be the name that appears on your UT Tyler permanent record, on your diploma, and in the official commencement program. Changes permitted to your name are as follows:

  • FIRST NAME: You may drop, alter, or change your first name only with legal documentation such as a birth certificate, court order, Certificate of Naturalization, or passport.

  • MIDDLE NAME: You may change your given middle name to a middle initial (i.e. change "Sue" to "S.") without legal documentation. A birth certificate, passport, or Certificate of Naturalization is needed to expand the middle name from an initial, to remove the middle name completely, or to add a previously unlisted middle name. Name changes permitted based on a marriage license include replacement of the given middle name with the maiden name.

  • LAST NAME (SURNAME, FAMILY NAME): Your last name may be changed only on the basis of a marriage license, divorce decree granting restoration of the maiden name, Certificate of Naturalization, valid passport, or court order.When changing your name based on marriage, you may replace your maiden name with your married name. A combined or hyphenated last name will be entered only if specifically reflected on the marriage license.

3.    Name changes for degree candidates must be completed no later than the Final Filing Deadline to be reflected in the commencement program, or the final day of the semester of graduation to be reflected on the original diploma.

4.    If requesting your change of name in person, the original documents, or certified copies, must be presented to the Enrollment Services Center where a copy will be made for your student file. Only a certified copy of an original legal document will be accepted by mail. No change of name will be processed on the basis of a document sent by facsimile (fax).


5.    A tutorial on how to verify your student name information at it exists in the myUTTyler system is available on the tutorial page.

Note: Non-Student employees must submit a UT Tyler Employee Name Change form to change their name with the university at this time. This form has the same processing requirements as all other name changes.

Forms Submitted on Campus:
Forms may be submitted on campus at the Enrollment Services Center (ADM 230).

Mail To:

The University of Texas at Tyler
Office of the Registrar, ADM 221
3900 University Blvd.
Tyler, Texas 75799

Error Correction Procedure

 If, upon review of their information, a student believes an error has occurred with how their name has been entered into myUTTyler, an email should be submitted toenroll@uttyler.edufrom the student's Patriots email account explaining the issue. Any such email should be titled ‘Name Entry Issue’ so the request can be readily identified and forwarded to the proper University officials for research. Once the issue has been researched, a reply will be sent to the student's Patriots email account to notify them of any findings, and any action required on their part.