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Office of International Programs

Create a Travel/Study Course

Step 1:
Choose the location where instruction will take place:

Step 2:
Contact a travel provider/travel agency.

  • Estimate cost for travel and accommodations.
  • Determine if visas are needed for entry into the country.
  • It is recommended that students be required to purchase their own airline tickets.

Step 3:
Plan your travel/study course:

  • Consider academic rigor:
    • No credit will be offered for travel abroad that is primarily for site seeing, recreation, or pleasure.
    • 45-48 contact hours must be held in a 3-hour regular or summer session course. Trip orientation must not be included as part of the contact hours.
    • Each course must have learning outcomes equivalent to a traditionally delivered course.
    • Keep in mind that pre- and post-travel sessions and on-site sessions that are NOT orientation may be counted toward the contact hours

Step 4:
Consult with the chair of your department to determine when the class will be offered:

  • Fall, spring, summer I, II, or long summer

Step 5:
Write your syllabus:

  • Try to be as specific as possible.
  • Factor course materials into the cost of the trip.
  • Consider the logistics of assignments and site reports overseas.

Step 6:
Complete the Travel Study Proposal Template and follow the established approval process.

  • Prepare brochure and marketing materials, and begin recruitment
    • Faculty members submit their promotional flyer to the OIP containing the following information:
      • Destination and dates
      • Course number and credit hours
      • Total cost
      • Rough itinerary
      • Faculty member contact information