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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Information for Graduate Alternate Programs

The information provided below is for students enrolled in one of the graduate online programs with courses that are offered in seven week sessions.

  • Current 100% online program (offered in 7-week sessions): Business Administration in Healthcare Management (MBA)
  • The estimated cost of attendance for the GRALT program includes tuition, fees, room and board. 
  • Initial award offer will be based on expected full-time enrollment (program completion is one year)
  • Cost of attendance and loan amounts will be adjusted if actual enrollment for any term (2-7 wk sessions) is less than nine credit hours.
  • Awards received from external entities (i.e. Corporate Discount, Tuition Exemption/Waiver, Third Party Sponsorship, or Outside Scholarships) are considered a resource to meet financial need, and therefore impact aid eligibility. If resources are identified or received after your initial aid awards are made, they may cause loan awards to be reduced or rescinded.
  • Students will receive an Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan offer not more than $20,500 for an academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer terms) and a Graduate PLUS Loan in the amount that remains of the Cost of Attendance after the Unsubsidized loan is awarded.The initial yearly award will consist of three disbursements for students enrolled in at least six credit hours within each term. Disbursement amounts and dates will be adjusted based on actual enrollment per session within each term.
    • Students who are a first-time borrower for the Direct Loan Program and/or new to UT Tyler will also need to complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (eMPN) and Direct Loan Entrance Loan Counseling on
    • Students who accept the Graduate PLUS Loan, will need to complete a Master Promissory Note specifically for the Grad Plus loan on studentloans.govA credit check and approval, performed by the Department of Education, is required for disbursement of these loan funds.
    • The Fall 2013 term has two start dates: August 26, 2013 and October 11, 2013.  If you register for one 3 credit hour course for August and another 3 credit hour course in October, you will meet the minimum credit hour requirements.  If you start the program in October, you will have to register for 2 courses in October to meet the credit hour requirements.  If you cannot take 2 courses in the last start date of the term, you will have to pay for the class out of pocket.  Your financial aid will begin with the next term within the award year.  The financial aid year begins with fall and includes the following spring, and summer.
  • Important Note: Academic Scholarships are currently not available to students in the Graduate Alternate Programs.

Important Financial Aid Dates for the Graduate Alternate Programs


Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

Fall 7W1

Fall 7W2 Spring 7W1 Spring 7W2 Summer 7W1 Summer 7W2

Loan Funds Applied to Student's Account

 8/18/2014  10/14/2014  1/6/2015  3/10/2015  5/5/2015  6/23/2015

Remaining loan Fund Monies to be Refunded*

 8/19/2014  10/15/2014  1/7/2015  3/11/2015  5/6/2015  6/24/2015

Classes Begin

 8/25/2014  10/20/2014  1/12/2015  3/16/2015  5/11/2015  6/29/2015

Financial Aid Census Date**

 9/3/2014  10/28/2014  1/21/2015  3/24/2015  5/18/2015  7/6/2015

Final Exams, End of Session

 10/10/2014  12/12/2014  2/27/2015  5/1/2015  6/19/2015  8/7/2015



*Refunds are distributed based on the refund option selected by the student.

**Awards are adjusted to reflect the enrollment as of the close of business on the Financial Aid Census Date (Awards accepted after the Finanical Aid Census Date will be processed weekly).


Satisfactory Academic Progress

(On-Line Special Programs)

The University of Texas at Tyler is required to establish satisfactory academic progress standards for financial aid applicants and recipients in accordance with federal regulations. These standards ensure that only those recipients demonstrating satisfactory progress toward the completion of their educational programs continue to receive financial aid. Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated annually (at the end of the Summer term). This assessment will be based on cumulative grade point average (GPA), successful semester completion of coursework (credit hours), and maximum time limits to complete the course of study. Financial aid recipients must meet all the requirements listed below for continued eligibility.

Grade Point Average Requirements – Qualitative Measure

Students receiving financial aid must maintain the grade point average standards required for enrollment and graduation as defined in the current UT Tyler Catalog. Graduates must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on all UT Tyler course work counted toward their degree.

Completion of Credit Hour Requirements – Quantitative Measure

Students receiving aid must successfully complete at least 75% of the hours attempted as of the census date for the semester(s) of assessment. Courses repeated to meet degree requirements will be included in the calculation of attempted and earned hours for assessment of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

  • Courses not considered as meeting completion requirements include:
  • Courses taken for audit
  • Courses with grades of “F”, “I”, “W” or “NC”
  • Credit hours earned by examination or articulation

Maximum Time Limit Requirements – Quantitative Measure

A student’s eligibility for financial aid is limited to these levels: Graduate programs of study must be completed within 54 credit hours of graduate work and, Graduate Certificate programs must be completed within 22 attempted credit hours. Attempted hours include all prior coursework at UT Tyler and from transfer, regardless of whether or not financial aid was received. If a student changes a course of study or pursues an additional credential, the hours attempted under all courses of study are included in the calculation of attempted and earned hours. Students who exceed the maximum time limit requirements will be placed on financial aid suspension. (See Student Appeal Process section on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for details)

Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Funds

(On-Line Special Programs) 

Students attending during a term that includes classes with flexible start and end dates (programs offered in sessions during a regular term and during the Summer) must remain enrolled for each payment period.  If the student ceases enrollment during one session, a Return of Title IV calculation will be performed unless the student was enrolled in a previous session within the same term OR if the student is enrolled in a future session within the same term that begins less than forty-five calendar days after enrollment ceased in the previous course.