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Course Syllabi

UT Tyler Department of Human Resource Development

Course Prefix and Course #           Course Title           Faculty
HRD 3301.060   Intro to HRD and Performance Management Systems   Roberts 
HRD  3306.060   Team Building    Gilbreath 
HRD  3312.060    Training, Selection and Recruiting    McWhorter 
HRD  3333.001    Human Relations    Sun 
HRD  3342.060    Career Development and Human Resource Plannings    Sun 
HRD  4331.060    Workforce and Organizational Development    McWhorter 
HRD  4370.060    Undergraduate Internship Program    McWhorter 
HRD  4371.060    Undergraduate Internship Program    McWhorter 
HRD  4199-4699.060   Independent Study    McWhorter 
HRD  5307.060    Measurement and Evaluation in HRD & TECH    Wang 
HRD 5328.001   Human Resource Development Topics    Gilley 
HRD 5331.001   Workforce Development   Wang 
HRD 5333.060   Human Relations   Gilbreath
HRD 5336.006   Adult Learning   Cathcart
HRD  5343.060    Foundations of Human Resource Development    Shelton 
HRD 5344.001   Conflict Resolution   Gilley
HRD 5347.060   Performance Consulting   Wang 
HRD 5350.060   Leadership and Ethics in HRD   McWhorter 
HRD 5352.001   Organization Development   Gilley
HRD 5199-5699.060   Independent Study   McWhorter
HRD 6195.001   Dissertation (Proposal Development)   TBD
HRD 6310.001   Advanced Theoretical Foundations of HRD   Ellinger
HRD 6311.001   Seminar in Organizational Change   Gilley
HRD 6312.001   Seminar in Contemporary Issues in HRD Literature   Wang
HRD 6314.001    Application of Management & Technology in HRD   McWhorter
HRD 6330.001   Seminar in Organizational Performance and Behavior   Gilley
HRD 6350.001   Disciplined Inquiry in Human Resource Development   Ellinger
HRD 6352.001   Advanced Quantitative Research in HRD   Wang
HRD 6353.001   Advanced Qualitative Research in HRD   McWhorter
HRD 6355.001   Advanced Statistics in Research   Astakhova
HRD 6359.001   Research Seminar in Human Resource Development   Wang
HRD 6391.001   Advanced Seminar in HRD (Organization Consulting)   Gilley
HRD 6391.001   Advanced Seminar in HRD (Human Resource Strategy)   Gilley
HRD 6391.001   Advanced Seminar in HRD (Proposal Development)   Ellinger
HRD 6391.001   Advanced Seminar in HRD (Strategic HRM)   Gilley
HRD 6391.001   Advanced Seminar in HRD (Literature Review)   Ellinger
TECH 2311.001   Mechanical and Fluid Systems   Lawrence
TECH 2323.060    Introduction to Computer Applications    Clark 
TECH 2330.060    Information Technology and Communications    McWhorter 
TECH  3303.060    Introduction to Nanotechnology    Fazarro 
TECH  3310.060    Total Quality Management    Lawrence 
TECH  3311.001    Manufacturing Processes    Miller 
TECH  3324.001    Plant Layout and Facilities Planning    Fazarro 
TECH  3333.001    Polymer Processing    Miller 
TECH  3341.060    Public Domain - Texas    Cowan 
TECH  3342.060    Applications of Photogrammetry    Crook 
TECH  3343.060    Advanced Technologies for Surveyors    Yarema 
TECH  3344.001    Industrial Safety    Fazarro 
TECH  3355.001    Supply Chain Management   Fazarro 
TECH  4173.060    E-Portfolio    McWhorter 
TECH  4301.040    Supervision    Barber 
TECH  4317.001    Computer Integrated Manufacturing    Miller 
TECH  4320.001    Job Analysis and Design    Roberts 
TECH 4323.001    Lean Production    Miller 
TECH  4341.060    Legal Principles in Surveying and Mapping    Cowan 
TECH 4342.060    Applied Geodesy    Yarema 
TECH  4343.001    Advanced Manufacturing Processes    Miller 
TECH  4370.060    Internship in Technology    Miller 
TECH  4371.060    Internship in Technology    Miller 
TECH 4372.001    Capstone Experience    McWhorter 
TECH  4199-4699.060    Independent Study    Miller 
TECH  5303.060    Research Techniques in HRD/TECH    Wang 
TECH  5306.060    Advanced Logistics Management    Fazarro 
TECH  5309.060    Industrial Processes and Materials    Fazarro 
TECH  5310.060    Six Sigma Quality    Lawrence 
TECH 5312.001   Total Productive Maintenance   Fazarro 
TECH 5317.001   Computer Intergrated Manufacturing   Miller 
TECH 5320.001   Total Quality Managment   Lawrence 
TECH 5328.060   Topics in Technical Programs (Statistics for LSSBBC)   Lawrence 
TECH 5331.060   Project Managment   Lawrence 
TECH 5335.060   Lean Manufacturing   Miller 
TECH 5346.060   Environmental Managment   Fazarro 
TECH 5366.060   Value Stream Management   Miller 
TECH 5370.060   Internship in Technology   Miller
TECH 5371.060   Internship in Technology   Miller
TECH 5380.060   Management of Nanomaterials   Fazarro
TECH 5390.060   Advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Techniques   Lawrence 
TECH 5199-5699.060   Independent Study   Miller