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Department of Accounting, Finance and Business Law

Course Syllabus

Course Prefix and Course #         Course Title             Faculty
ACCT 2301.001           Principles of Financial Accounting   Reynolds
ACCT 2301.002   Principles of Financial Accounting   Reynolds
ACCT 2302.001   Principles of Managerial Accounting   Kapka
ACCT 2302.004   Principles of Managerial Accounting   Fessler
ACCT 3300.060   ACCT/FINA for Small Business & Entrepreneurs   Reynolds
ACCT 3311.001   Intermediate Accounting I   Willis
ACCT 3312.001   Intermediate Accounting II   Willis
ACCT 3312.002   Intermediate Accounting II   Fischer
ACCT 3315.001   Cost Accounting    Fessler
ACCT 3325.001   Income Tax I   Lirely
ACCT 3326.001   Income Tax II   Gardner
ACCT 4380.001   Auditing   Kapka
ACCT 4391.001   Accounting Information Systems   Willis
ACCT 5310.001   Income Tax Research   Gardner
ACCT 5315.001   Accounting & Reporting Problems   Fischer
ACCT 5320.060   Accounting for Management Control    Gordon
ACCT 5325.001   Corporate Income Taxation   Gardner
ACCT 5335.001   Advanced Government & Not-for-Profit   Fischer
ACCT 5345.001   Advanced Financial Analysis   Fischer
ACCT 5355.001   Strategic Cost Management   Gordon
ACCT 5360.001   Advanced Problems in Accounting   Fischer
ACCT 5370.001   Special Topics in Accounting   Gardner
ACCT 5375.001   Advanced International Financial Reporting   Fischer 
ACCT 5380.560   Advanced Auditing   Kapka
ACCT 5385.001   Research in Accounting Theory   Fischer
BLAW 3301.001   Business Law & Social Responsibilities   Cowart
BLAW 3301.002   Business Law & Social Responsibilities   Mazingo
BLAW 3301.060   Business Law & Social Responsibilities   Cowart
BLAW 4340.001   Business & Professional Ethics   Cowart
BLAW 5310.560   Business Legal Environment   Cowart
BLAW 5340.001   Business and Professional Ethics   Cowart
FINA 3300.060   ACCT/FINA Small Business & Entrepreneurship   Wu
FINA 3311.001   Principles of Finance   Shin
FINA 3311.003   Principles of Finance   Henderson
FINA 3315.001   Personal Finance   Woolverton
FINA 3315.060   Personal Finance   Wu
FINA 3315.061   Personal Finance   Wu
FINA 3330.001   Investments   Hsieh
FINA 4310.001   Management of Financial Institutions   Shin
FINA 4330.001   Security Analysis & Portfolio Management   Pandey
FINA 4340.001   Managerial Finance   Wu
FINA 4345.001    Financial Services Operations   Woolverton
FINA 4350.001   International Finance   Shin
FINA 4350.002   International Finance   Shin
FINA 5320.001   Advanced Financial Management   Pandey
FINA 5320.060   Advanced Financial Management   Pandey
FINA 5330.001   Investment Portfolio Management   Pandey
FINA 5332.701   Public Budgeting and Finance   Hsieh
FINA 5332.703   Public Budgeting and Finance   Hsieh
FINA 5332.705   Public Budgeting and Finance   Hsieh